Payal Chopra

Payal Chopra, majored in economics and spent several years in the advertising and marketing departments of multinational Companies. She gave it all up when she relocated to Singapore and later Indonesia, and therein began her love affair for Asian treasures. Armed with a passion to explore and a keen sense of style, Payal began her foray into discovering Asian markets and sending pieces back to India for friends and family nearly ten years ago. The experience of a few exhibitions overseas and a timely move back to India, sowed the seeds of a business venture after her heart! Frangipani was born. +919811182782
Amrita Caprihan Kalra

Amrita Caprihan Kalra, a post graduate in mass communications has spent over ten years writing, directing and producing television shows and documentaries. Today, she writes travel articles for leading publications and is also a keen photographer. Work paved the way for travel and a zest for discovery. Exploring secret trails in search of the perfect view or getting lost in a labyrinth of streets to unearth local treasures. With an inherent passion for design and home decor, Amrita began collecting handcrafted accessories and furniture from her travels. The realization that distinct statement pieces are hard to come by, the inaccessibility of certain markets because of language and the sheer effort required to import was daunting! This challenge coupled with her love for design bore fruit with the birth of Frangipani.